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How it works ...


This is an online person-to-person lending & borrowing marketplace matching borrowers' unsecured personal loan requirements (Loan Requests) with lenders' money. All loan requests are credit rated in the same way and there are two methods of fulfilment (markets) available ...

The Bidding Market The Bidding Market

The Matching Market AutoLend

 How it works…

  • The Bidding Market is the simplest form of lending and borrowing
  • Borrowers' Loan Requests are visible for lenders to choose to bid on individually
  • Lenders place bids manually, choosing the amount and interest rate at which they are prepared to lend
  • Market forces determine the final interest rate at which the loan is offered to the borrower ... being the average rate that the "winning" lenders (those with the lowest rates) have offered

Why use the Bidding Market?

  • Borrowers can present compelling arguments in their Loan Request to appeal directly to lenders, even adding supporting photos and videos 
  • Individual judgement can be applied by lenders on each loan
  • All lenders’ bids are visible to enable competition in the bidding process, so market forces determine a fair interest rate

Who can use the Bidding Market?

Borrower, Lender & Advanced Lender Memberships


How it works…

  • Lenders can set up lending portfolios to govern how their money will be lent out by AutoLend, the automatic matching facility, triggering offers to appropriate Loan Requests
  • If an offer is undercut and "bumped-off" by one at a lower interest rate, Advanced Lenders can use ARBU, an automated system for re-bidding
  • Market forces still determine the final interest rate at which the loan is offered to the borrower ... but in this case lenders have delegated AutoLend to make offers on their behalf

Why use AutoLend?

  • It is the quickest, most efficient method of lending money in volume, ensuring it's earning interest for the maximum time
  • Once lending portfolios have been set up (which takes a matter of minutes), lenders simply monitor activity through their Lending Account
  • Lenders may also use AutoLend to make offers into the Bidding Market

Who can use AutoLend?

Advanced Lender Memberships

This is "people power" at its purest! Remember: your capital may be at risk when lending.

This is Social Lending & Borrowing



It is easy to get started - it is a 4-step process for a borrower:-

Step 1: How much do you want to borrow?

To help you decide how much you’d like to borrow, over what period and at what interest rate, we have included a Quick Loan Calculator, which enables you to explore costs and monthly repayments.  

Then the first step is to Register and choose your free membership:

Step 2: Create your loan request

When you are logged in and have chosen your memberships, use the Loan Calculator (from the menu on the left) to check you are happy with the amount you are borrowing, costs and repayment levels.

Complete the Existing Loans, Monthly Income and Expenses details. Do check that you saved your changes and checked the final loan numbers (click Calculate to update).  Finish the form by adding details of the loan itself and create your loan request.

We then do all the ID verification and credit referencing.  Remember, only credit worthy borrowers are accepted.

Step 3: Lenders compete to satisfy your loan, driving down the interest rate

As lenders bid (manually or automatically) on your Loan Request, the interest rate will begin to drop.  The more lenders competing, the lower the interest rate is likely to fall.  You can monitor this activity on your Borrowing Account and you will receive emails confirming the progress on your Loan Request.

Step 4: You get your loan - at lower cost

When sufficient lenders have made offers to fulfil your loan, you will be asked if you would like to accept.  If your Loan Request listing has longer to run, you may choose to wait to see if lenders continue to compete to reduce the interest rates further.  Either way, at the end of the listing period, you will be asked to Accept or Decline the loan.  If you accept, your loan is paid over to you and our fees are deducted.  Your repayments will be collected each month by Direct Debit.

Borrower loan example

Dave has a good credit reference and wishes to borrow £4,500.

He is prepared to pay a nominal interest rate of 7.5% and repay the loan over 3 years.

The borrower loan fee of £115 (£70 flat fee + 1% of the loan amount) and the compensation fund contribution of £45 are deducted from the loan when it's paid out, so he actually receives £4,340.00. The returnable contribution to the compensation scheme fund, in this case, is 1% of the amount of the loan, or £45, but it varies with the credit rating of the borrower.

Dave pays back the loan with interest in 36 equal monthly instalments of £139.98 each month, a total of £5,039.28.

Having made the final repayment he gets his compensation fund contribution of £45 back!
Dave's loan APR is 9.85% (including the effect of the compensation fund contribution).

If you ...

  • require a loan, and
  • have a good credit record, and
  • want to borrow directly from lenders,

then register now and create your loan request.

This is the place for borrowing if you have a good credit rating. It's quick & easy & it is people power at its best!

Peer to Peer Lending, for Creditworthy Borrowers



It is simple to get started - it is an easy 4-step process for a lender:-

Step 1: Decide what interest rate you require

To help you decide how much you’d like to lend, over what period and at what interest rate, we have included a Lending Calculator, which enables you to explore the return on your money that you could achieve.

Step 2: Decide to use AutoLend or select your borrowers

How would you like to lend your money?  Would you prefer to select individual loans yourself or would you prefer to use our automated matching facility - AutoLend?  

We do all the ID verification and credit referencing for you so only credit-worthy borrowers are approved. 

To get started, register and choose which type of membership you’d like:

  • Lender membership gives you manual bidding… and you can also purchase …
  • Advanced Lender membership which gives you access to AutoLend.
  • Membership of the Compensation Scheme is an optional extra ... it aims to cover any potential loss in a borrower late or missed payment, arrears or default situation.

Then deposit the money you wish to lend into the our segregated Client Money Bank account.  In such an account, deposits belong to you, the depositors, not us, and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  

You’re ready to start lending…

Step 3: Your money is matched with credit worthy borrowers

To lend on the Bidding Market, select View Loan Requests from the Lending Menu and decide which loans you’d like to support.  Feel free to ask the borrower questions if you’d like more information.  The Lending Offers tab on each Loan Request shows you all the offers placed to date and the interest rates they’ve offered.  At the bottom of that tab you can enter your own bid by entering how much you’d like to lend and at what rate of interest.

To lend on the Matching Market, you can create up to five lending portfolios in our Autolend automated matching facility, each with different parameters to determine how your money is to be lent out.

You may wish to use ARBU (Automated Response to Bumped-off Underbid!) so if you get “bumped-off” a Loan Request because other lenders have offered a lower interest rate, your ARBU settings will respond automatically (according to the rules you’ve set) to keep you in the running.

So whether you opt for the manual method or the automated option, your money will be matched with credit worthy borrowers.

Step 4: Your money is lent out

  • Your Loan Book shows how much you've lent out, what return you are getting & how much is still available for lending
  • Borrowers' monthly repayments are credited to your account
  • You can withdraw those funds whenever you want using Faster Payments (free and recommended) or Bank Transfer

Lender lending example

Emma has £4,500 that she wishes to invest for a good return, hopefully more than 7.0%.

She has subscribed £4.95 to become a member of the optional Compensation Scheme.
She knows that this scheme will cost her 0.4% per annum of the total amount lent, which works out at £18 per year or £1.50 per month if all her money is lent out all of the time.

Emma sets up her AutoLend portfolio to place lending offers in both the bidding and matching markets, and accepts most of the default settings, except as follows:-

a) Interest rate minimum of 7.0%
b) credit score minimum of 5 stars (approximates to A* and A, on the A*, A, B, C, D scale -  we only accept A*, A and B borrowers)
c) maximum exposure to any one borrower of 2% of her money, which is £90.

AutoLend does the work and eventually she has lent out all her money to 51 borrowers at interest rates from 7.0% to 8.9% averaging 7.5%.
Emma's up front flat rate loan fee was £5.10, 10p per loan slice.
Her monthly loan fee will be £3.75 (it would have been only £2.25 without the optional compensation scheme).

She is receiving just short of £140 per month net return (varies slightly month by month) and will receive, in total, £4,962.31
Emma's lending AER is 6.62%, including her compensation fund costs.

If you ...

  • have some money you wish to invest, and
  • want a sensible return, and
  • want to lend directly to creditworthy borrowers,

then Register to start lending.

Remember: your capital may be at risk and your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme whilst lent out.

Just a note to express my gratitude to all at Madiston for the excellent service you provide to Lenders on the LendLoanInvest website. David from Tunbridge Wells (lender)

Peer to Peer Lending, new opportunities for investors



This section highlights some of the features that make this one of the most functional social lending and borrowing websites available:

Affordable memberships to borrow and lend

Borrower membership covers the costs of the necessary ID verifications & credit referencing.

Similarly Lender membership covers the costs of the necessary ID verifications & anti money laundering compliance checks.
These memberships enable us to introduce incentives and benefits targeted to the different groups.

Lower costs of borrowing

Subject to credit record and financial circumstances.

Help and guidance everywhere!

We recommend that new borrowers and lenders read through our help section.  

How it Works is a quick guide;
FAQs, Guidelines and Glossary provide greater detail, full of hints and tips. 
Tooltips everywhere! Even when you get started, wherever you need to enter information, just hover the curser over the label or entry box and an explanatory tooltip will appear to guide you! 
"Live Help" is also available during office hours.

Loan calculators to assist borrowers and lenders

Borrowers can test the affordability of their loans using the Quick Loan Calculator. Or, when logged in with a Borrower membership, can use the full loan calculator and with just one click all the information is ported into the loan request form.

Lenders can find out the return they will generate from their lending using the Lending Calculator

Simple loan request creation

Borrowers' loan request system is quick & easy, with the opportunity to transfer details from the Loan Calculator to a Loan Request with just one click.

Lenders' easy & quick bidding

Lenders' bidding system is quick & easy. Just fill in the two items:

Bid Amount & Interest Rate, and submit. You will receive email confirmations

AutoLend for higher volume automated lending

AutoLend offers a quick way to achieve higher volume lending with automated bidding.

Up to five lending portfolios are available to specify different lending requirements.
An AutoLend portfolio can lend in either market, Bidding, Matching or both.

ARBU – Automated Response to Bumped-off Underbids. This tool enables lenders to set parameters for automatic new bids.  So, if you get “bumped-off” a Loan Request because other lenders have offered a lower interest rate than you, ARBU will respond automatically (according to the rules you’ve set) to keep you in the running.

Optional lenders' compensation scheme

The optional Compensation Scheme aims to reimburse any potential loss in the situation of a borrower late or missed payment, arrears or default.

Lenders choose their lending rate

Lenders review the lending risk and choose the interest rate they wish to bid.

Payments & banking

Lenders may make deposits into their holding accounts or withdraw money by Direct Debit/Credit/BACS, Bank Transfer or PayPal. Deposits and payments may also be made with credit and debit cards.

Borrowers' repayments are always made by Direct Debit.

The deposits & withdrawals links are to be found in the User Menu.

Transactions are made between the Client Money segregated bank account and the user's nominated bank account. Money shown as held in a lender's "Holding Account" is, in fact, in the Client Money segregated bank account which, of course, is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (the "FSCS"). We will also pass on the benefit of any interest earned in this account to users pro rata. Unfortunately this is currently minimal!

Email notifications to keep you informed

Stay up-to-date with all the activity happening with your loan or lending via email notifications.  You can choose to turn off some alerts so you get just the right amount of information in your Inbox.  Simply uncheck unwanted email alerts in your profile settings.

What you need to know

What you need to know about the risks in using this site ...

    • We have safeguards including SSL, anti-hacker, data protection, automated backup and continuous updates of components. 
    • We only allow credit worthy borrowers to request loans so if your money is lent out, it is to someone we expect to honour their debt.
    • If your money is not lent out it is held in a segregated or ring-fenced client money account for you, which is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    • If anything happens to Madiston plc, the loans will continue without interruption because they are direct agreements between lender and borrower.

 For a full analysis of the risks please read our Risk Warnings and our Security Policy, and, for a table setting out Risks and Mitigations, please click here.

Forum - We want your feedback!

We welcome ideas and suggested improvements, feedback, opinions and comments on the workings of this site. Please let us have your thoughts on our Forum which is found on the bottom menu or click here.

Our Quest


  • Provide a great website for quickly matching creditworthy borrowers with lenders & savers
  • Have the lending site with the lowest default rate & lenders' optional compensation scheme
  • Inform customers precisely what is happening at all times online or by email
  • Execute secure & segregated client money facilities & speedy transfers
  • Combine affordable fees with extensive choice and service excellence
  • Constantly improve the site with enhancements, innovations, new products & markets
  • Quickly & fairly solve any problems that may arise